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Vinyl flooring is a popular flooring option for both residential and commercial settings. It is a synthetic material chosen due to its affordability, durability, and ease of maintenance. Dream Vinyl Flooring is a rising star in the vinyl flooring and home renovation industry based in Singapore. Besides vinyl flooring, we also provide other flooring options such as homogeneous tiles, granite tiles and ceramic tiles.


Vinyl Flooring

There are various options and designs for flooring, from ceramic tiles to carpeting. Vinyl Flooring in Singapore is becoming quite popular due to its various benefits over other flooring types. Depending upon your choice, need, and budget, you can further choose from the types of Vinyl Flooring in Singapore.

Vinyl flooring comprises various material layers sandwiched together, making flooring material. There are majorly three different types of vinyl flooring. The difference comes in the way of material composition. It is preferred by interior designers and home owners due to its exceptional benefits like affordability, durability, easy maintenance and water resistance. You can find both classy and trendy designs of all types.

Home REnovation

Home Renovation Singapore – Planning is the key to effective renovation. Randomly buying furniture or paint that seems appealing is not enough. You need to define what you want to improve in your current home. The planning stage might be time-consuming, but it will give you clear directions of do’s and don’ts. During your planning phase, you will realize the significance of little aspects that greatly impact your home design. It will give you a budget estimate. Take your time and see if you have added unnecessary things that can slash your expenses. If you get stuck in the planning phase, you can get professional consultancy from Dream Vinyl Flooring for a functional home renovation. People often over-renovate in excitement and poor planning. Your home is not a showroom but a comfortable place.


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